The Royal

We bring the legendary designer Donald J. Ross to life through...
The man, the sport, the philosophy brought to life on stage in a one-hour performance in two acts..
Or, special guest
From personal appearances and photo ops to special presentations, or motivational speaking.

Our Works

Since November of 2012, R.E. Harter has brought an engaging and entertaining perspective on golf, the Pine Crest Inn, and Pinehurst through his appearances and performances at the Inn as Donald J. Ross. Most recently, a sell-out crowd witnessed his one-man show, And I'll Not Fail Golf: a window on Golf's past, the man, and observations about the game's future.

Our Team

Mr. Harter has more than thirty years experience in regional and community theatre and teaching. He researched, wrote, and directed the production to provide a window on the man, his philosophy, and the times. He is aided by Austin James, photographer, writer, cinematographer, and editor who provided additional creative consultation.
R. E. Harter
Writer, Director, Performer
Austin James
Photographer, Editor, and creative consultant
Donald Garner

Latest News

Stay tuned for future appearances by Donald at the Pine Crest Inn, and a special holiday extravaganza this Christmas!

Who Was Donald Ross?

Writers have long suggested that geography is destiny, and maybe there is no more fitting illustration of geography’s destiny than the personal journey of Donald Ross. An enigmatic figure who seldom granted interviews because “…his work spoke for itself,” there are accounts of stubborn, determined, and even mean behavior. One day at Pinehurst, the caddies […]

Why the Title The Royal Greensman?

“The aim of art is to represent not the outward appearance of things, but their inward significance.” – Aristotle Relax! We harbor no allusions that an Evening With Donald Ross is high art.  But, there is something artful about the origins of golf and the contributions of one Donald Ross to this ancient game. While […]

The Future of Golf

Golf historian Richard ‘Pete’ Moss spoke yesterday on the future of golf at the Tufts Library in Pinehurst. The future he painted was not especially bright as he articulated a substantial list of factors contributing to the downward slide of demand. There are those who now see the game as a niche sport of slow […]


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